Don Mathies Ministries Events

What to Expect at a Don Mathies Concert?

Don Mathies is very willing and able to custom tailor his music and ministry as required by the organizers. When you come to hear Don in concert, you will hear the gospel in an uncomplicated, warm, friendly and fun loving way. The Holy Spirit together with Don's silky smooth vocals, have the ability to carry the message right to the heart of every listener. Don's sincerity and warmth of character comes through as he does what he loves doing the most; singing praises to his loving Lord.

What to Expect at a Don Mathies Teaching Session?

Too many people live life at a lower level than their created destiny. Don loves to speak and teach about walking in the authority of the believer in Christ. Don teaches the love of God through His word, which when received will energize the soul and spirit of the listener. This will give them unparalleled access to the power, provision and authority afforded them only through the Holy Spirit whom Jesus sent. "But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you..." Acts 1:8. KJV

Don Mathies Ministries - ph: 306-784-2841